Location certificate

The location certificate is a document that includes a report and a plan, through which the land surveyor express his professional opinion on the actual situation and state of an immovable property. It provides a status report in regards to the ownership titles, cadastre and laws governing this property.

A location certificate is usually required for real estate transactions, and may be requested by a creditor, notary, lawyer, real estate broker, licensed appraiser or municipality. A location certificate can be requested by either the seller or the buyer. 

This document is private, confidential and can be delivered only to the client or professionals involved in the process. The certificate of location cannot be used to establish the boundaries of one’s property or the layout of a new construction. The latter require a staking or layout plan. 

The location certificate is governed by the Regulations respecting standards of practice for location certificates, established by the Ordre des arpenteurs-gèométres du Québec (R.S.Q c. A-23. r.7.1).

Source: Publications du Québec website